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On September 26, 2020, the father of dental traumatology, Dr. Jens Ove Andreasen,
passed away. His enormous contribution to the development of dental traumatologycannot be described in words. In fact, dental traumatology might not have beenestablished without his vision and continuous activities.

Despite the high prevalence of traumatized teeth, dental trauma education is stilllacking in many dental schools around the world. Traumatic dental injuries arefrequent in young individuals, such as school-aged children. Dental trauma is anacute condition with potential chronic consequences. It usually involves differenttissues such as the tooth hard tissue, dental pulp, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone,and gingiva, and therefore general knowledge and skills in dentistry are essential forproper understanding, diagnosis and treatment of these injuries. In addition, higherhealing ability of the body due to the young age and the principle that it is basicallydifferent from infectious diseases have made treatments more conservative andbiological for tooth, pulp, periodontal ligament and bone.

WCDT 2024 is the first World Congress on Dental Traumatology held after Dr. JensOve Andreasen passed away and it is positioned as an important academic event tocelebrate Dental Traumatology and the legacy he left behind to pass on to futuregenerations. His wish is to protect the future of children who have suffered dentaltrauma.

Join us in Tokyo for the greatest educational event of 2024 in dental traumatology!

We are looking forward to having fun learning together with everyone around the worldunder the theme of “quot;protecting the future of children&quot”.

conference president Hideyuki Izumi